Giving Back


Gift Spaces on the Camp

There are five allocated tickets for 2018 to gift to those we feel could use the nurturing space but find funds not available to come.

Any Goddess booked on the camp or who has been previously may put names forward that they identify as needing this gift. I wanted this to be a community offering where it isn’t just me choosing who to give to, this fits the ethos of our camp, our community of women helping one another.

A few months before the camp begins I will take the names randomly from a hat and put them in that order. Spaces will be offered to the first five and then to others down the list should they not be able to come. This feels fair I hope everyone will agree, please contact me with your suggestions

Selling Our Wares

As in other years Goddesses are welcome to bring their crafts and items to sell (please check if they are appropriate to the camp), usually in the form of a blanket sale. Please be respectful, any goods that are not appropriate or pushy selling practises will result in the right to sell at the camp being removed. There will not be any trading stalls.

Those making a profit from this are asked to donate a suggested sum of at least £5 to the camps charity.


We donated £120 to Tree Sisters last year and this year the chosen charity will be the Hope Centre Northampton.

“Northampton Hope Centre tackles poverty and homelessness.

Our work helps people experiencing the most acute problems of disadvantage, exclusion and marginalisation. As well as giving practical support, we focus on helping people to help themselves, provide support and services that will enable individuals to take back control of their own lives, and campaign with them against the causes of their disadvantage.”