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Sometimes it is hard to describe the camp so I thought that I would share the thoughts of our Goddesses. This took my breath away and produced a few happy tears. My blessings are tenfold xxx (you know who you are dear ones 🙂 )


“What do I love about Goddess Camp? I love the place – every visit to Clophill brings such magical experiences – a most special place where one can return to nature, slow right down and be completely immersed in the surroundings. I love the food – lovingly-prepared, scrummy, wholesome nourishment for body & soul – a wonderful way to honour one’s well-being from the inside out. I love the workshops – the way the schedule exists only as a massive pot of potential in advance of the weekend – unfolding organically as the goddesses bring their varied and immense offerings as they feel. I love the people – it’s a rare treat to spend a whole weekend in the company of so many like-minded, shining souls, each generously loving themselves & each other without judgement or expectation. I love the sheer self-indulgence of nurture & nourishment experienced within the tiniest window of one magical weekend.


As soon as I arrived at Clophill I was met with such friendly people. Everyone I encountered had huge smiles and emanated joy, this certainly set the scene for a magical 3 days. Goddess camp was an opportunity for me time, to relax, to connect, with myself, with nature and with other women. An opportunity to experience new and amazing therapies, from sound meditation, to healing through Om, Incense, Mandala painting, womb workshops, walking in nature, mantra…. The list is as long as we the participants wanted to make it. Clophill centre is gorgeous, the energy of the land is sublime, the space is sacred and very special. I particularly enjoyed the energy of the underground meditation chamber and the outdoor hot showers (what a treat). The food was another highlight, every mouthful was delicious, healthy, nurturing and plentiful. Sue managed to organise a vegan gluten free meal every evening that is varied and fed all of us so well. Not only that there was a constant supply of lovely teas and cake was available each day. Vegan cake. Need I say more. If you love to be outdoors, to connect with other women or are in need of some nurturing, come along to Goddess camp, come own your inner Goddess and find your joy.


Being at Goddess camp is almost beyond words as it is such a multi layered experience of kindness, creativity, trust, love, encouragement, fun and inspiration. It is so rare in modern life for women to feel truly nurtured by their environments, but in this space it just happens and flows without any great need for words. Sue has helped others to find what she knew was needed and holds the space in just the right way, always with a smile and willingness to believe in herself and everyone present. So much gratitude for this experience and for the group sharing it continues to bring


Sue’s Goddess conscious camp to me is magical and authentic weekend; full of fellow goddesses sharing their laughter, their love, their wisdom and their truth in a safe and nurturing space. And it’s a pleasure and a privilege to witness and to be apart off a weekend surrounded by the beauty of nature at its best and in the presence of gorgeous fellow divine sisters and new friends coming together, each bringing their own love and energy. Sue holds a safe sacred place at Clophill, which itself is a divine space with an abundance of magnificent yummy nature, from the warm showers outside, where you hear birds singing as the water lightly washes you… to taking a stroll and sitting in the underground meditation chamber which is very cooling and full of energy. It’s surreal and empowering weekend and something I thoroughly looking forward to sharing and attending each year


To try and explain the profound magic of Goddess Camp in words is a huge challenge. We simply come together as women so beautifully held and created by Sue but we speak so little of each others day-to-day lives and what we ‘do’; it’s like when we meet we greet each other on a far deeper and richer soul level. To experience this with a group of women many of whom are strangers to one another is quite something. Experiencing the coming together of goddess camp and beautiful authentic women each year is now an integral and necessary part of my calendar. I am so incredibly grateful to all the amazing women I have been blessed to meet through GCC and all that has evolved within me and around me because of it.  A huge heartfelt thank you to Sue Lumley and Clophill magic.


Having experienced Goddess camp for the first time this year I can honestly say that I have never felt so comfortable in the company of women I have never met before. Such a feeling of acceptance and love and belonging. I cannot wait till next year when i can connect with this beautiful collection of women again. I walked through the gate of Goddess Camp and instantly felt that I had come home as if I had met my soul family. No judgement and no expectations. Just a chance to be authentically me . Sue you are an Angel on earth and I thank the universe that my path led me to you.


I am humbled and blessed my dear goddesses by your words. So much gratitude for all of your kindness and inspiration – Sue xx